IV. Development of Energy Conversion Materials and Devices


Basic research on various new energy conversion mechanisms is the key to efficient conversion and utilization of clean energy. Our group is committed to developing commercial high-performance crystalline silicon solar cells, new thermoelectric materials, and OER/HER/nitrogen fixation catalyst materials. We have set up a photovoltaic industrialization research center, focusing on the study of new crystalline silicon cells and the development of unique, industry-leading key materials for silicon solar cells. The basic principle of grain interfacial characteristics and size optimization in thermoelectric materials has been investagated to develop high-performance thermoelectric materials at room temperature. Combining advanced structural characterization, data analysis and theoretical calculation, high-efficiency, stable, low-cost and environment-friendly photocatalysis and electro-catalysis materials have been developed. Research on a variety of key materials and devices will provide technical support for the development of clean energy and new materials industries.